viernes, 30 de marzo de 2007

Motu Manias y sus catharsis

El Top Ten de la motu-manía

10. You have a calendar marked out with all possible likely Feast days that the Motu Proprio might be issued on.

9. You have sent a gift subscription of Latin Mass magazine to all the priests in your area.

8. You have already budgeted in the fact that you are going to be saving a lot of money on gas by not having to drive to that one parish over an hour away that has the Indult Mass.

7. You have an "I Love Motu Proprio" bumper sticker on your car.

6. You have written 500 blog posts and 480 of them have been about the Motu Proprio.

5. You have been praying a continuous Novena to St. Jude because up until now you thought having a Tridentine Mass available in your diocese could be considered an impossible cause.

4. You won't let your children play until they can tell you the Nominative, Genitive, and Dative of the Latin word you quiz them with.

3. You have thought about punching the next person who uses the word "nostalgic" referring to your wanting the Tridentine rite available.

2. You have written so many letters encouraging the Pope to release the Motu Proprio that the Post Office that you are known by your first name at the stationary store and Post Office.

And the number one sign you have Motu Mania is:

1. You plan to invite friends over and stage an all-nighter to watch Catholic news on your computer on the Vigil of Holy Thursday since this is the latest date that it is rumored to be announced. That is what friends you have after the last five vigils of suspected release dates.

La Catharsis

Since we trads are ready to burst with anticipation as Holy Thursday nears, I think I should add my top ten signs. These are nearly all true. Come on, Catholic bloggers, fess up your motu-mania, give your top ten!

10. You're saving money for a airline ticket to send the lucky priest of your choice to Lincoln Nebraska where it's rumored that the FSSP is looking to train priests to say the Old Mass.

9. You've named your blog something hard for even you to spell in Latin, in hopes that a revival of the not-quite dead language will put you ahead of the curve!

8. You're submitting articles on how your family loves the Latin Mass ahead of time, to help flood the Catholic press when the Latin revival hits.

7. Rorarte Caeli's motu proprio release date predictions are the center of your social circle's conversations. And you get excited each time!

6. You hold your breath whenever Raymond Arroyo announces a news brief on EWTN.

5. You realize that people will finally understand what your name, Laetitiae, means.

4. You're teaching your children Latin hymns, so they can join the schola.

3. You mentally review every church you know, to see if the old altar is intact, trying to guess where the Traditional Mass will be offered. You price houses in the area, should you need to relocate.

2. You have made friends with your local SSPX chapel pastor, with hopes that reconciliation will follow closely on the heels of the motu proprio.

1. And the absolute winners are a devout couple I know, who have their children fervently praying for the Motu Proprio, with the proviso that when it comes, they get a puppy!

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  1. El Cardenal Bertone, Secretario de Estado del Papa, en una entrevista concedida a Le Figaro ha afirmado la existencia del motu proprio; que cada sacerdote tendrá derecho a celebrar ese rito con su proprio calendario; y que el Santo Padre explicará sus motivaciones y las razones que lo han llevado a tomar esa decisión.
    Cada vez mas cerca...

  2. El sentido del humor de que goza el tradicionalismo yanqui es realmente envidiable. (Aunque si uno tuviese Misas indultadas en el 90% de las diócesis...)

  3. Soy de criticar mucho a Yankilandia pero hay hechos, como la fuerza del tradicionalismo, que me tapan la boca.